I enjoy the dynamic environment of classes and workshops.  It's a pleasure to get together with others and explore new territory in art.

Workshops  2019-2020

Fall 2019 Workshops and Winter 2020 are open for registration!
I'm happy to announce that thanks to a generous donation, I am able to offer $50. materials grants to those who need one. If such a grant will help you take a workshop, please let me know and we'll arrange it.  Six grants currently available.

Workshops Overview: What's Offered...

Workshops take place at my studio, Art 26, in Davis, California and at other locations in California and around the country. They include topics covering Oil+Cold Wax+Pigment Sticks, Abstract Water Based Mixed Media, and Gouache Techniques  These are offered through out the year and may also be scheduled as a private or semi-private workshop.  Contact Sara for more information:

Oil+Cold Wax+Pigment Sticks: Abstract Oil Based Mixed Media
These workshops cover methods for using oil paint mixed with cold wax, techniques for using oil pigment sticks, ideas for various grounds and introductions to contemporary artists using these materials. Finding your personal direction with these materials is emphasized along with feedback on ideas for future projects. Workshop content varies. Please read each workshop description for details.

Paint+Paper: Abstract Water Based Mixed Media
Handprinted monotype, drawings and beautiful papers form the basis for individual abstract mixed media collaged paintings.  House paint, newsprint and tissues create a base for the addition of interwoven successive layers of paper and paint.  We'll use additive and subtractive techniques to design beautiful, interesting surfaces and compositions.  Final layers of pigment sticks and cold wax add an additional option for creating radiant color and depth. Workshop content varies. Please 
read each workshop description for details.

Gouache Based Mixed Media

Gouache combines the best of acrylic paint and watercolor--deeply pigmented, matte surface with beautiful coverage when used thick translucent and diaphanous when thinned with water.  It also combines well with other media--colored pencils, ink, artgraf, pastels and even cold wax (as a top coat).  This workshops will explore materials in the context of abstract painting (think early Diebenkorn) and collage (Matisse's gouache colored cut outs). Workshop content varies.  Please read each workshop description for details. 

Studio Workshops at Art 26, 231 G Street, #26, Davis California
Davis is easily accessible from the Bay Area by train (Capitol Corridor), car (your car or Lyft, Uber) and from other locations by air--Sacramento Airport is a short drive away, easy access to Davis.  Places to stay near the studio include Air B&Bs and small, cozy hotels.
Davis is a lovely place to explore with its nationally acclaimed Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, and a variety of art galleries.  In-studio workshops at Art 26 in Davis are offered in oil mixed media, water based mixed media with gouache and painterly collage. Workshops are three full days; limited to six students. Cost is $380. Contact Sara for details:  

Studio Workshops at Art 26 for Fall 2019 and Winter-Spring 2020 are being planned and scheduled.  Check back soon for information or Contact Sara:

Currently Available Retreat / Workshops  

Beautiful places add their own special energy to making artwork, while getting away from home gives you a protected art environment.  Summer-Fall 2019 workshops in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, Mendocino, California and Whidbey Island, Washington are perfect places to relax and explore new directions in art.

August 9, 10, 11, 2019 

Landscape+Architecture: Abstract Experiments with Pigment Sticks, Oil Paint, Wax and Paper  Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

Mendocino is a beautiful a place to relax and enjoy art making with other artists as well as to explore the dramatic landscape of Mendocino Headlands.  This year our abstractions will look to the landscape and archtecture of the area for inspiration. FULL Wait list available.

Click this link for registration, information:  Mendocino Art Center

October 3, 4, 5, 6, 2019
Painting Experiments in Oil Based Mixed Media
Pacific Northwest Art School, Whidbey Island, Washington

For four memorable days work with innovative techniques and ideas in oil based mixed media. Materials include pigment sticks and oil paint, enhanced with cold wax, Galkyds and Gamsol, as well as texturing additives—including marble dust and sand. From thick to thin, opaque to transparent, smooth to textured, drawing to painting, we’ll explore the excitement of mixed media oil painting. 

For more information click here.

Winter 2020

Painterly Collage: A Mixed Media Approach
February 21, 22, 23 Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

Paper, both found and hand printed, house paint, acrylics, and varnish form the basis for abstract mixed media layered paintings. We’ll print, paint, and draw on papers, prepare basic surfaces on various supports and explore exciting additive and subtractive techniques for working with layers. In addition we’ll work with issues surrounding color, composition, shapes and mark making. Students at all levels can benefit from the experience of learning to combine a variety of materials into beautiful, well-designed pieces of mixed media artwork.

For information, registration, click here: Mendocino Art Center